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Excerpts and Outtakes

Because it took nearly five years to complete Rowing to Baikal, the book, you won't be surprised to learn that the work proceeded in fits and starts. The first excerpt to find publication was "Rowing to Baikal," in the fall 2020 issue of The Drake.

page from The Drake magazine

The next was "The Messenger from Heaven," which appeared in Politics/Letters in May 2021.

Litro magazine's special 2021 Nature issue featured an excerpt from chapter 14, "Bedload."

Wildlife of the Underworld, a 2022 issue of Plants & Poetry Journal, included "The Porcupine Fish," a chapter that has been cut from the final draft. (If you patiently scroll through the long, long website, you will find an audio file of the story, just above the text.)

screenshot of opening paragraphs

Another outtake, "Of Taimen and the River" was published in the spring 2022 issue of Guidefitter Journal.

Pages from Guidefitter Journal

And, most recently, "The Scary Part about Our Common Geopolitical Language," from chapter 15, appeared first on the University of British Columbia's Mongolia Focus blog, then was republished on Rivers Without Boundaries.

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